Muslim Terror Tot Beheads Teddy Bear

ISIS recruitment begins young.

Disturbing video has surfaced showing a toddler knifing off a teddy bear’s head as ISIS flags hang in the background.

The terror tot, identified as the son of a jihadi, is first seen enthusiastically running into the room with the six-inch blade raised in his hand.

  • This is Islam, training a murdering jihadi.

    Islam is a giant brainwashing system. Almost all Muslim children are force fed Islam. The most devout become the next thugs.

  • BillyHW

    Muslims don’t even love their children.

    • ntt1

      they blow up so soon…

      • ailai6oong

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  • ntt1

    justin loves these kinds of barbarians.

  • Gary

    Normally this would be child-abuse, but Muslims have had the moral bar lowered because non -muslims don’t really expect much from them to contribute to the World and make it a better place for the next generation .

    Even here in Canada the liberals and NDP won’t condemn the pro sharia-law Mosque that want to sanction murdering gays and the Child-bride pedophilia.

    Justin has a PR firm that told him that Muslims have just out numbered Jews and Aboriginals , so he’s looking to the future by courting the islamists now …. even while he goes to PRIDE parades and tells these suckers that HE defends their Right to be gay and get a Wedding cake or Pizza from those damn evil Christian businesses.

    Justin has the option to convert or pay the Jizya head-tax , but gays aren’t so lucky and will be tossed off the CN Tower by same fascists that got him elected as an MP.