Interfaith marriages in Egypt: an unspoken taboo

Can love and romance overcome societal disapproval of interfaith marriages?

This question is asked by many Egyptians who are keeping relationships secret due to the fear of public backlash. Religion is a very touchy subject in Egypt and often interfaith marriages can prove to be problematic. Sometimes they can even be deadly.

Why is it a taboo to marry a person from a different religion?

Many people see interfaith marriages as a channel for converting to the another religion. However, this argument collapses on itself because Muslim men can marry Christian women without either being forced to convert. The same cannot be said for Muslim women because, according to Islamic law, they are not allowed to marry non-Muslims.

  • Waffle

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    • Icebow

      I hope yours doesn’t look like that one.

      • Waffle

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      • Canadian

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  • Icebow

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  • ontario john

    So how do the goats fit into this?

  • Minicapt

    It’s not an unspoken taboo; it’s the Mohammedan custom, laid down by the Perfect Example for All Mankind himself.
    The inclusion of the Copts in the discussion is a bit of a red herring as they are reacting to 1400 years of Mohammedan persecution.


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  • Norman_In_New_York

    Is a Sunni-Shiite nuptial considered interfaith?

  • Canadian

    When you own someone, her religion doesn`t matter.