Hamas members seized from bus near Egypt-Gaza border

Masked gunmen have seized four members of the Palestinian Islamic group Hamas from a bus travelling to Cairo from the Gaza Strip, officials have said.

The bus carrying 50 passengers was ambushed close to the Rafah border crossing with Gaza on Wednesday night.

Hamas has called on Egypt to secure the members’ release.

Relations between the militant group and Egypt have been strained since Islamist President Mohammed Morsi was ousted from power two years ago.

Hamas is an offshoot of Mr Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood – which is now banned in Egypt.

  • And just the other day they implored Canada to reach out to them.

    • mobuyus

      I would love to reach out to them…with artillery.

  • Tom Quiggin

    HAMAS is calling on some one to release the victims of hostage taking? Do they not see the irony? This is too funny. BTW, the writing is on the wall for HAMAS. Between internal dissent in Gaza and the rise of those who follow ISIS, HAMAS is getting worried about the future.

    • They are suddenly finding the air in the room very close…

  • Alain

    Too bad, so sad (not really) is all I have to say.