Arguing with liberals: Stop being rational and start making it personal

(WARNING: Mature Content) If you are like me, you don’t like to waste time. Not only because you don’t like to “waste your time” in a classical sense, but you also likely had the epiphany you are going to die and any precious moment in your life that is wasted either not entertaining you or serving you in some longer term capacity is in an economic sense tolerating partial suicide.

  • G

    I’m kind of undecided about this article.
    First the positive. I agree with him completely that debate with liberals is futile so I might as well use personal attacks.

    Then there is the negative. He sounds like kind of an immature, spoiled, self obsessed dickwad.

    Gee, don’t have kids because the world is a toilet and besides it’s more fun to spend all of your money on yourself.

    There are a few other points I would like to address but (taking his advice) I’m not going to waste my time. Calling him a selfish, childish dick is good enough.

  • Alain

    I agree with his take on this. What is imperative is for sane people with critical thinking skills to allow themselves to be put on the defensive. Go on the offensive and set the rules; do not allow the socialists to set the rules and put you on the defensive, which is the only tactic they know. That is why they resort to name calling such as bigot, racist, and whatever instead of addressing the issue.

  • this youtube vid is 5 years old, might as well have been made yesterday,

    lefties are simply not rational, will never be able to have a rational discussion with them.

    • Waffle

      So effing true!!! There must be a script somewhere.

      • Clausewitz

        That’s a big assumption. You actually think that your average progressive is smart enough to read.

        • Waffle

          LOL!!! But they all sing from the same song book — line for line, word for word. Maybe they learn it by rote?

          • Clausewitz

            Hey a parrot can talk in cliches, doesn’t mean it needs to know how to read.

  • Gary

    I don’t waste time with the AGW supporters that goes nuts if you even challenge the settled science that 97% of the scientists agree with.

    The way I used to shut them up was to demand that they post just 1 name of those Scientists to be at risk for a law Suit to smear the person in public as agreeing with Al Gore when they didn’t , this is because the IPCC report only had 20 Persons give an opinion on co2 levels which was given an Edit Job to extract only what helped push the Global Warming crisis.
    Often I get links to non-scientists websites that plaster AGW propaganda all over it and post Comments in the third person with no source to read the whole comment.

    As soon as the insults start and they use the term ‘Denier’ it becomes just as pathetic as the Imams or Politicians that claim the 99% of the muslims are peaceful and if you don’t agree you are an islamophobe .


    Bill Maher had mocked a Republican because of the stance on body art.

    Seems that Bill support the Rights for those on Welfare to spend the tax dollars they get on getting tattoos as they feel fit from their Liberty in American, but Bill also claims that Republicans are heartless morons because they don’t agree that the State should also pay to have the tattoos removed so they can get a job .

    Thanks Bill, you want me to pay for someone on Welfare to GET tattoos if they need them to get a job and you also want me to pay to have them removed if a new job requires them to have NO tattoos .

    Liberalism is a mental disorder because Bill can’t see that if you grant someone the Liberty to make mistakes in life , you can’t then turn around and deny them the costs for those mistakes as if they should have pity and be rescued again by the taxpayers.
    Liberalism in Canada has already brought us a new Society where children are having children because the STATE will bail them out , we also have the mind set that there is FREE Health Care and you can do anything dangerous or just drink booze and smoke until you ruin your body because the STATE is there to rescue you.
    School are pumping out morons while the Employment laws have Quotas to hire them and not merit based no matter the Minority status.