A Protestant Pastor and other Christians accused of blasphemy in Crapistan

Lahore (Agenzia Fides) – Protestant Christian Pastor Aftab Gill and three other Christians from Gujrat, in Punjab, Pakistan, have been accused of blasphemy. They are accused of having used the word “rasool” (apostle) during an event made public by their community, the “Biblical Church of God”. According to local Muslims the use of the word “rasool” is considered blasphemous because the term is used as an attribute of the Prophet Muhammad. Unitan Gill, Pastor Aftab’s younger brother, was arrested but, as reported to Fides, the NGO CLAAS (Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement) has managed to get bail.

  • Martin B

    Notice how Mohammedans are perfectly capable of telling gullible Christians that they are all brothers in Abraham who worship the same God, and then sentencing those same Christians to death for blasphemy.

    • Islam is the creed of violent psychotics.

      • luna

        Not all Muslims are psychotic, Allah’s apostle Muhammad (police be called upon him) certainly was.

        • ailai6oong

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    • Minicapt

      This illustrates why it is completely believable that Mohammedans made major discoveries in maths and sciences.


  • ontario john

    So I guess calling mohammad a murdering, child molesting, goat screwing, woman hating, mental defective thug, would be out of the question?

    • Not it it ain’t.

    • ntt1

      as long as you don’t call him a pig ,apparently..

    • luna

      Only in Crapistan where they follow Muhammad’s law.