The Joke’s on Us

Many of those blinkered political commenters who allowed themselves to be swept up in the diaphanous hysteria that resulted in Barack Obama’s presidency convinced themselves that he was a change agent of divine wisdom. A “lightworker,” asthe San Francisco Gate’s Mark Morford called him. They said Obama would restore America’s faith in the United States, in government in general, and even in ourselves. “That campaign restored a faith in politics that most of us thought we had lost,”gushed The Hill’s Niall Stanage. “America has restored the world’s faith in its ideals,” The Guardian averred without evidence. Seven years later, it’s clear that the effects of Obama’s presidency have not been to restore but to sap faith in the American system. We have so little reverence for the order bequeathed to us by the nation’s enlightened founding generation, in fact, that we deface it with adolescent acts of directionless defiance. 

  • luna

    This country has far more problems than it deserves and far more solutions than it applies. -Ralph Nader

  • Man Mountain Molehill

    What a jerkwad. What I don’t get is why the choom gang hung out with him, he;s so lugubrious, boring and pedantic. Total buzz kill, doood.

    I only see two possibilities, they put up with him because he had a line on some really primo buds, maaan, or he’s just a mooch who insinuated himself with a kewl dewds to get high.

  • G

    Another author who doesn’t get it. Like others, he despises Trump and the people who support him so much that he is willfully ignoring the reasons that Trump is there in the first place.

    I don’t really care for Trump but I’m starting to absolutely HATE commentators like this one and Krauthammer and politicians like Jeb bush. I’m sick to death of electing politicians who are too cowardly to do anything about problems once they get into office.

    I’m sick to death of judges who have such disdain for the average person that they openly defy elected governments. The list goes on…….

    As far as ” adolescent acts of directionless defiance.” ? Oh STFU! You’re a great deal of the problem. Useless, do-nothings who who sit on their asses and bless us with their enlightened wisdom. Did the author ever really wonder why Trump can insult news people, pundits and politicians and still remain high in the polls? Because he’s doing what so many people want to do but can’t.

    • G

      I just want to add. I have a gut feeling that there is something big happening here. I’m not knowledgeable enough to describe or analyze it further than that – sorry.

      It’s bigger that Trump or even a mere presidential election. Trump is just a minor symptom of a major condition.

      • Betty Watts

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      • Brett_McS

        I think a lot of people have decided that the experts aren’t.

    • Waffle

      That’s ‘cuz most of us don’t have FU money.

      • Xavier

        Soon though, you’ll have nothing left to lose – and that’s when it gets really dangerous for the authorities.

    • Xavier

      Faux is not your friend. The Lesser Murdochs are in charge now.

  • JoKeR

    Obama’s lifelong goal…

    • Tom

      Like most (or perhaps, all) progressives, he doesn’t even believe in the concept of greatness. He subscribes to the self-contradictory notion that all ideologies are equivalent – so from this standpoint, what in the world would it mean to be “great” anyway? All countries would essentially be the same, differing primarily in their physical location on the planet.

    • Dana Garcia


      • dance…dancetotheradio

        It works with an apostrophe: grea’ness.
        Like plane’arium from South Park.

  • Xavier

    Every time I see those pictures it takes me back to the summer of ’76 and the Larry Raspberry song “Jive Ass”.

    • Waffle

      You got me curious:

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      The mid seventies were a great time for joke songs like Disco Duck and They Call Me the Streak.