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Plane wrecks…

Plane wrecks

  • Frances

    Back in the day, had a lot of friends out in “the field” doing exploration of various sorts, mainly geological. Spouse and I cam to rather abruptly more than once to radio giving news of another plane or chopper down; we breathed a real sigh of relief when the announcer said no locals involved. Peter Gzowsky never could understand why that was part of the newscast; obviously, his circle involved no one working beyond the essentially urban landscape surrounding Toronto and like cities.

    Helicopter crashes could be particularly brutal; at one point, spouse and I had a running tally of people we knew who had died vs people we knew who survived. Last I remember, it was roughly equal.

  • Exile1981

    Back in my early days i was trained to do air investigations. I also worked a ground search for a cessna back in 2003 that didn’t have a happy ending.

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