Canadian ‘Actress and Lesbian’ Ellen Page Tries to Ambush Ted Cruz at the Iowa State Fair in Her Ongoing War Against Religious Liberty


I’d post the video, but the audio is atrocious.

“What about the question about LGBT people being fired for being gay-trans?” asked Page [ed: who obviously thinks she is trapped in 1972]
…to which Cruz answered, “Well, what we’re seeing right now, we’re seeing Bible-believing Christians being persecuted for living according to their faith.”

The Texas senator, 44, went on to argue today that “no one has the right to force someone else to abandon their faith and their conscience.”

“Imagine, hypothetically, you had a gay florist and imagine two evangelicals wanted to get married and they decide, ‘You know what, I disagree with your faith and I don’t want to provide flowers,’” Cruz posed to Page.

Later, as a final insult to this “celebrity”, Ted Cruz admitted that he had no idea who she even was. I confess, neither would have I.