Calais crisis: Britain set to pay for migrants to be returned to home countries

Britain is to pay for migrants in Calais to be returned to their home countries as part of a £7m drive to ease the crisis in the French port.

The move was announced in an Anglo-French joint declaration signed by the Home Secretary, Theresa May, during a visit to Calais, which is home to up to 5,000 migrants attempting to reach the UK.

The two governments said they would “establish immediately a joint project team to maximise the number of illegal migrants who return home.”

  • Brett_McS

    Here you go: Return flight, no charge:

  • tom_billesley

    Many of the invaders burn their ID, so that their country of origin cannot be proven, and their own country will not accept them back. Many are from countries to which they’ll never be sent back because it’ll be blocked by human rights considerations. France could process them for asylum or settlement under an amnesty, but I wouldn’t wish that on France. Devil’s Island?

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Seven million pounds of bullets.

  • Everyone Else

    Not so long ago the CBC was lambasting Israel for paying African migrants to leave.

    Where are you now CBC?