US government agencies researching ways of disabling drones to protect vulnerable sites

As concerns rise about a security menace posed by rogue drone flights, US government agencies are working with state and local police forces to develop ways of tracking and disabling drones to protect vulnerable sites.

Although the research is at an early stage, there has been at least one field test.

Last New Year’s Eve, New York police used a microwave-based system to try to track a commercially available drone at a packed Times Square and send it back to its operator, according to one source involved in the test.

  • Glenfilthie

    Bah. This is the same empty headed media hype that afflicts legal gun owners. The media slobs are sensationalizing things all out of proportion.
    I scratch built one of these drones and to be honest the vast majority of them are toys. They have cheap Chinese flight control boards that are buggy as hell, and very, very limited telemetry capabilities. They are expensive enough to discourage stunting and unsafe behaviour, with that one in the pic probably going over $1000.00.
    A purpose built attack drone though, is well within the means of terrorist bastids (even the moslems) and shielding it and installing anti-spoofing systems wouldn’t be that hard if you have access to the hardware – which your garden variety loon will not.
    We are being pushed into a corner by terrorists. It is getting so that we can no longer give them a pass, or shrug off the attacks or make excuses for them. If they start employing these technologies, we are going to have to wipe them out along with their families, supporters and enablers. We should have done it a long time ago anyways.

  • DD_Austin

    Why would they want to “send it back to it’s operator”

    Morons at the wheel? no
    Morons at in charge of the wheel yes

    Our “leadership” isn’t any better in 2015 than it was in 1915

    • Raymond Cameron

      If there is a bomb on the drone it is better the sender gets it back.

      • DD_Austin

        So he can try again?

        Bombs don’t use lit fuses anymore, they’re detonated electrically.

        • Raymond Cameron

          If they can control the drone perhaps they can also control the bomb.

  • k

    I saw a guy playing with one of these out on the street about a month ago