UK: London “Draw Mohammed” exhibition cancelled; Scotland Yard “can’t guarantee safety”

A Draw Mohammed contest scheduled for London, England has been cancelled. I talked to Simon Kent of Breitbart UK about what happened.

  • T.C.

    Scotland Yard can’t “guarantee” safety is code for “go f*** yer selves.” That’s what happens when a government takes away a citizens right to cap savages with a personal firearm.

    • The UK is pathetic but the same fate would meet a similar event in TO.

  • Petrilla

    And Tommy Robinson has been arrested again, just home from holiday. In front of his wife and 3 crying children and all their luggage, making her find her way home alone. Why? On what charge? Does it have something to do with the last time he was in prison on an all Muslim wing and was warned that a Somali would offer him a cup of coffee and it would rather be a boiling hot cup of water and sugar that would scald his face like acid and cause years of pain and disfigurement? Is that why? I think any news media worth their salt might reread Magna Carta, and realize that Tommy Robinson, a patriot, has suffered enough under modern UK rules. They might examine why I consider Tommy Robinson persecuted, a political prisoner under the UK. I was once a member of the original AI, where we wrote actual letters, walked and drove our letters with actual stamps. We got results. Not like today where AI was and still is a celebrity whore athon. Now there are doubts about who is running AI, so far away from the original lawyer. What I see now is the United Kingdom in all its power, coming down on on man Tommy Robinson, while ignoring ever insult to it from a plethora of Muslims. Can you not see why normal people in the UK are angry?;

    • Shebel

      I was wondering what happened to Tommy.
      I even heard that he became a Muslim. {shudder)

      • luna

        He’s been under intense pressure from all sides, but I don’t expect he’ll ever submit.

    • Ho Hum

      Tommy should come to Canada with his family and claim refugee status. He would have a good case after what the fascist British police and prison system have done to him. He is a political prisoner in the UK and his life is clearly in danger.

      • Betty Watts

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  • Shebel

    I understand that Muslims are not allowed to question the Koran or make a depiction of Muhammad. All is good . Follow your Faith.

    I am not a Muslim . Why do you have the arrogance to think that I should obey your Islamic religious rules? I have absolutely NO fear of your ALLAH and if the best you have for Eternal Life is fucking perpetual Virgins——then I can also pass that up.
    Long as you realize that I am going to suffer in the fiery depths of HELL– should that not be enough to make you happy?

    No-not enough ? —You want to kill me here on Earth. Lovely.

    You really don’t have much confidence in your Paedophile Prophet—-
    Do You?

    • I’m not a Muslim, I can’t commit blasphemy against Pedo Mohammed the camel urine drinker.

      • luna

        Indeed, showing reverence for Muhammad or Allah would be blasphemous.

  • Alain

    They certainly did not provide safety and protection to those hundreds of rape victims by Muslims.

  • Shebel

    Here –is 14 hours of people that have left the Jehovah Witness cult.
    It is pretty similar to Islam without the violence.
    It really is educational.

  • eMan14

    Scotland Yard can’t even guarantee that no one in public will be safe from a terrorist attack. I guess that means martial law should be declared and everyone stay home. What a bunch of monkeys. Incompetent at best.. fascists all of them.

    • luna

      The police can’t protect you, but they can prevent you from protecting yourself, brilliant.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    How come they can guarentee the safety of demonstrators with ISIS flags?

    • Good question. Several years ago while local moderate Muslims chanted such niceties as Jewish Child You’re Gonna Die at a demo the cops told K and friends they had better take off as they could not guarantee their safety.

      I am not sure why we have cops. In Ontario they were used to protect violent law breaking natives at Caledonia, maybe that’s their role.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Their role is to controll the law abiding parts of society that they still can.
        Once you go “OUTLAW!” they walk away.

  • luna

    U.K. is now officially sharia compliant. This should be a major WAKE UP call to all Brits who value life & liberty.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      I fear that the U.K. is too far gone.

    • John

      It’s not officially sharia compliant yet, but the wider parameters have been established. Now the space inside those parameters will slowly be filled in accordance with myriad of haram/halal diktats. In ten years things far less daring than prophet cartoons will be forbidden as well. When the threat of violence produces results, we shouldn’t be surprised that threats will the tool of choice when reining in the kaffirs.

  • Ho Hum

    I’m am surprised that Simon Kent is surprised that Scotland Yard wouldn’t allow this to go ahead. He doesn’t seem to have been paying attention to events in his native country over the last few decades.

    “Great” Britain may have had a “tradition of free speech” at one time but those days are long gone with all the “hate speech” laws they have enacted in the UK. When a politician can get arrested for reciting the writings of Winston Churchill (that warned against Muslims) you know that free speech is officially dead in the UK and that they are living in a fascist police state.

    I would have been shocked if a draw the pedo-prophet Mohamed (piss be upon him) event were allowed to go ahead in the UK. Likewise such an event would never be allowed in Canada. We are becoming a fascist police state just like our “mother country” “great” Britain. In fact Toronto Police shut down a 2014 draw mohamed event and they have been relentless in their persecution of free speech advocate Eric Brazeau.

    The United States is the ONLY country in the world where free speech exists. When a group like the Westboro Baptist Church cant protest funerals holding up signs stating “God Hates FAGS” without getting arrested you know free speech is alive and well!

  • Gary

    At least the Police and Politicians are now being honest and open to show how they presuppose that muslims are prone to riots , violence and terrorism .