The Impact of a Pro-Islam Presidency

Should conservatives’ sanity or patriotism be questioned if they believe President Obama is too sympathetic to Islam?

Certainly our nation is one that prizes religious liberty, but just because an American can choose a faith does not mean that faith should be praised or prioritized over others—especially when that faith is so frequently used as an excuse to kill Americans.

  • David

    It is really hard for me to believe but believe it I must that political correctness,
    social justice or whatever you want to call it cows supporters of this unmitigated disaster of a potus into silence despite the interminable transgressions he has foisted on the american people.

    • That’s pretty much it, any criticism is immediately labeled racist. Just as criticism of Justin will be considered disparaging to the intellectually challenged.

  • I’m absolutely sure he is a Muslim.

  • Alain

    OMG this was never about freedom of religion/religious liberty but about overt treason. Trying to twist oneself into knots to avoid calling a blatant traitor a traitor is shameful and an insult to intelligent people.

  • Achmed

    All of you critics will be on his list when the 12th Imam ascends to world power

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Obama’s presidency is not pro-Islam; it is Islamic, complete with taqiyya.

  • mobuyus

    obama is the parchinian candidate.