Islamocrazed Pakistan police arrest three Christians over poster that used the term “prophet”

LAHORE, Pakistan – Pakistani police have arrested three Christian men under terrorism laws for using the word “prophet” to describe a dead pastor on a poster, officials said Thursday.

The men were arrested in the town of Gujrat, in the eastern province of Punjab, after police spotted posters marking the 20th anniversary of the death of priest Fazal Masih that referred to him using the Urdu word for prophet.

In Pakistan, the word is used only for Islamic prophets and anyone claiming to be one is liable to be charged under blasphemy laws, which can carry the death penalty.


These are Pakistan’s highest Islamic religious authorities at work.

  • African

    The most EVIL of all islamic countries are Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

    • They are right up there.

      • The Butterfly

        Yemen and Somalia just never get any respect.

        • African

          Somalia must be the third and they are here in Canada in their tens of thousands preaching hate, jihad and evil.

          • Linda1000

            I thought the grand ayatollah poobah of Iran who wants to rule the world be the most evil. They actually believe that a great apocalypse (their desire for a nuke bomb at all costs) to end the world must occur for the Mahdi or 12th imam to return.

          • mobuyus

            They believe this clown is hiding in a well.

          • African

            True. The Iranian regime is very dangerous and evil but the Iranian people are the most enlightened and the most rational and the most civilized people in all the islamic world and the regime is just a minority. But the Saudis and Pakistanis even the ordinary people are pure evil islamic supremacists
            who won’t hesitate to murder a Christian for wearing a cross!
            Remember, Saudis and Pakis consider the Shiites as non-muslim and would exterminate them if they get the chance. The Iranian regime may collapse and go but the Saudi and Pakistani wahabists are not going anywhere and they are spreading their evil barbaric, genocidal ISIS jihadist idelogies all across the world including right here in Canada.

      • African

        I wish I had the power to punish this evil!

  • cmh

    canada is full of paki’s and other islamists just waiting to explode

    • The Butterfly

      Today in Lahore, tomorrow in Brampton.

    • mobuyus

      What’s transparent and lies in a ditch beside the road?

      A jihadi with the shit kicked out of it.