Get’cha Honey for Nothin’, Get’cha Chips for Free

The quickest and surest way to make things more expensive for most of us is for someone in our government to attempt to make such things “free” for some.

  • Gary

    True , look at Joe Mihevc at City Hall , he now says that the 300,000 illegals in Toronto will get Welfare while Wynne says they will get FREE heath Care and Dental .

    • Cheryl

      Yet the people of Ontario don’t take a stand, so it seems we must agree with it right? Well I am 65 years old and Canadian born and I don’t agree with it. I have seen this country go from flourishing to what we have today and it is truly a shame having this country decline because of the Federal and Provincial governments. My husband and myself spend most of our time up north and so far it seems to have not been touched by immigrants and refugees. You have to wonder how long before this beautiful part of Ontario is gone. Please people call your MPs and MPPs and lodge your complaints after all are they not working for us? I don’t have my dental care or glasses covered but then I am a white Canadian so I guess I don’t count. What a sad case it is that the governments can’t work to protect the ones born and raised here! By the way I have called the MPs and MPPs offices but one call from one person does not do very much.

  • AlanUK

    In case anyone doesn’t know where the title originates:
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    There are many other versions of varying lengths including one with Mark Knopfler, Sting (co-composer with MK), Eric Clapton (playing base guitar!) and Phil Collins on the drums.