FGM is happening in every local authority in England and Wales

A new study has found that victims of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) live in every local authority in England and Wales.

  • Martin B

    Estimated prevalence of FGM by religion, all ages would make a revealing graphic. It’s not as if native British girls are or have ever been at risk of this atrocious practice. Of course Cosmopolitan won’t dare mention the dreaded i-word, but you can see for yourself how many of the London boroughs with the highest rates of FGM coincide with the boroughs having the highest populations of Mohammedans:


  • Good going UK.

    Now you have 7th century female mutilation as part of your multicultural dream.

    • Icebow

      It’s been illegal here since 1985, though only now are they cracking down. I would recommend penile amputation for any male surgeon performing it, though of course it’s usually done by stupid foreign crones with razor blades.

      • tom_billesley

        One unsuccessful prosecution. It’s a really harsh crack down

        • Icebow

          They’ve changed the rules.

  • The Butterfly

    Just lay back and think of Somalia.

  • Gary

    The trauma ends up causing life long burdens on the Welfare or Disability systems to non-muslims nations importing unemployable women still ebing used to pump out Jihad-janes.