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China2 Red Beach


  • Norman_In_New_York

    As Donald Trump said, if China could build the Great Wall thousands of miles long 3,000 years ago, there is no reason why we can’t build a much shorter secure wall along the Mexican border with modern equipment.

    • luna

      Funny thing about the great wall of China is it wasn’t only to keep invaders out, but also to keep inhabitants in.

      • tom_billesley

        Keeping invaders out? H8rs.

      • Gary

        That’s why when I was a kid in 1968 I saw the fence around the mansion of Elvis as a cage to keep him in , not the fans out.

        How ironic through , Michael Moore now has a security fence around his mansion now that he’s just as filthy rich as the people he bashed in his Movies. He also worries about the obese slobs that rent a Ice cream truck to circle his home yelling insults from its PA system that plays its Alert Tune the Truck is here.

      • Betty Watts

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