Estonia and Latvia are planning to ban the burqa

Excellent news!

  • Alain

    It is better than what we do, but I think banning Muslims would be more effective.

    • No political courage.

      • Alain

        There is that, but it isn’t the only reason. We have judicial activists aiding and abetting the enemies of Canada, as we have seen in so many rulings. One of the most outrageous was ruling that the government is not allowed to ban a masked person at a citizenship swearing in ceremony no less.

        • DVult

          So you can’t ban them. Can you drop a ton of bricks on their heads?

          • Alain

            As long as you don’t get caught by the authorities.

        • Betty Watts

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  • ellake

    I hope they will ban it, but a the moment they only plan to ban it. So I will believe it when I see the law.

  • k1962

    Good. When will we? I’m getting sickened as I see more and more of these freaks everyday here in Canada. What are our politicians thinking?

  • Barrington Minge

    Better still, ban the mooslims.

  • cmh

    if you read the story carefully you will see that it is just a thought to be possibly studied… the time they decide to ban them it’ll be too late….the problem is not the burka, the problem is the koranic texts.