Professional Victim and Fake Biracial Shaun King Outed as White (with Help from Blazingcatfur Writer!)

Update – especially for those wonderful Daily Kos Readers


Pictured: Shaun King’s inspiration?

A while back, I stumbled across a thread on 4chan containing images proving that well-known #BlackLivesMatter activist Shaun King – who claims to be half-black – is, in fact, fully white.

I then proceeded to email Breitbart journalist Milo Yiannopoulos about it, after contacting him on Twitter. I showed the images to him, and I explained what they depicted and how they demonstrated that Shaun King is, in fact, entirely white. I also linked him to this Re-NewsIt! article, telling him that it was the only site which had reported on the possibility of Shaun King being white:



In my emails with Milo, he stated that the story was “right up his alley” and asked me for more info on Shaun King’s family members, which I provided him with. He also discovered two other Re-NewsIt! articles about Shaun King’s whiteness:

After I provided him with the info about Shaun King’s family members (he wanted a way to contact them, so I linked him to their Facebook accounts), he then suddenly stopped emailing me, and I assumed that he had abandoned the story and wouldn’t be writing about it.

Emails 1

Emails 2

Emails 3

As it turns out, he hadn’t forgotten about the story.  Today, Milo released an article on Breitbart titled “Did Shaun King Mislead Oprah Winfrey About His Race?“. The article describes how Shaun King deceived Oprah Winfrey by claiming to be part black, and how he lied about being the victim of a racist attack in order to earn himself more victim points.

With the release of Milo’s Breitbart article, the Shaun King whiteness affair is indeed, as I originally predicted, blowing up just like the Rachel Dolezal whiteness affair did.  Make sure to spread this story far and wide, and help expose the lying hoaxer Shaun King for the race-pimping WHITE fraud that he is.

Hopefully, this affair will be yet another nail in the coffin for the SJW movement and its petty identity politics.  At any rate, keep pushing the #Transracial and #WrongSkin memes, as they are driving SJWs absolutely rabid with frothing rage.

Finally, here is a helpful guide on how to be a successful transracial person, using Shaun King as an example.