Hamas arrests dolphin accused of being an Israeli spy

The militant Palestinian group Hamas has “arrested” a dolphin discovered off the Gaza coast and accused it of being no Flipper. In fact, the organization believes the dolphin is actually an Israeli spy.

h/t DS and MFS

  • Shebel

    Just wait until they figure out that the ants are all carrying miniature cameras.

  • truthdareisay

    Flipper the talking dolphin… but don’t worry Mossad, he won’t talk this time!

  • Exile1981

    Didn’t they arrest a pigeon of something a few years ago for the same crime.

  • WhiteRabbit3

    Was the dolphin circumcised or something?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    They tried waterboarding the dolphin for hours until they discovered he likes it.

    • David Murrell

      Did Hamas read the dolphin his rights?

      • Mickey Oberman

        In Islam nobody has rights.
        Poor dolphin.
        We are working on a plan for his escape.
        It involves a squadron of flying fish.

  • Waffle

    Perhaps Flipper is in cahoots with the English cat who stole a Muslim’s shoes while he slept. Just one. To drive him crazy.

  • chayisun

    “Congratulations on capturing an Israeli spy! No wonder you and your men are so highly thought of! Did you get him to confess?

    “Well, not yet.”

    “Not yet? Why not? You have many ways of persuading him to talk!”

    “Yes sir, we do. However, it isn’t a him.”

    “You mean it’s a woman? Even better! Threaten her with marriage to a hamas soldier!”

    “It’s not a woman.”

    “Trans gendered?”


    “Well, if it’s not a male nor a female or a bit of both…..”

    “It’s a spy dolphin.”

    “A DOLPHIN?”

    “Yes! A very smart one, at that! He was wearing goggles a transmitter and was using his blackberry!”

    “And you saw this?”

    “Well, no but the reports have always been accurate.”

    “You mean like the sharks…..Holy mohammad…. if this ever gets out we will be the laughing stock of the world….”

    “Well, about that…”

  • luna

    There stupidity is legendary. This is what happens with to much inbreeding, and to little education.

  • JoKeR

    Don’t you think it is unfair not to show the real picture of the dolphin?
    For the sake of honesty, here it is direct from Hamas


  • Minicapt
  • Mickey Oberman

    How did they find out?
    Their Intelligence Organization does excellent work.
    I hope they don’t discover our handy trained octopus.