Uproar as Italian priest bans ‘call to arms’ prayer

A Catholic priest in a northern Italian village has clashed with his congregation after seeking to ban an historic prayer that calls for “arms against any threats” and to protect the homeland.

The priest reportedly told the faithful that since there were crowds of desperate immigrants pushing to enter Italy’s borders it was inappropriate to speak of a call to arms.

The conflict also provoked an outburst from Matteo Salvini, leader of the anti-immigrant Northern League, who supported the Alpini on his Facebook page.

“I am more and more baffled by ‘certain bishops’,” Salvini said.

  • Martin B

    Inappropriate to speak of a call to arms? Is this clown priest vaguely aware that if the Mohammedan invaders had won the Battle of Lepanto every Catholic priest would have been beheaded & every Catholic church turned into a mosque?


  • Alain

    Perhaps it was a mullah disguised as a priest, eh. After all there appears to be a commie dressed up as a pope.

  • Gary

    Islam call to arms is to wage war on the infidels and steal their land for allah and the caliphate.

  • Brenda

    “I see an alliance forming between the Catholic Church and the Muslim world against the West. It could really change an awful lot.”
    -Cardinal John O’Connor (quoted in ‘His Holiness’ by Carl Bernstein and Marco Politi.)

    I also remember my father telling me that Paul VI had returned the flags captured at Lepanto to the Turks, with apologies for having defeated them, but I couldn’t find mention of this anywhere on the interwebz.

    • Dana Garcia


      “Paul VI gave back to the Muslims the Standard of Lepanto. The history of the flag was venerable. It was taken from a Turkish admiral during a great naval battle in 1571. While Pope St. Pius V fasted and prayed the Rosary, an out-numbered Christian fleet defeated a much larger Moslem navy, thus saving Christendom from the infidel. In honor of the miraculous victory, Pius V instituted the Feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary to commemorate her intercession. In one dramatic act, Paul VI renounced not only a remarkable Christian victory, but the prayers and sacrifices of a great pope and saint.”[110]

      • Brenda

        Ha! Thanks.

  • mobuyus

    This is what the Lupo was meant for.