Trans Privilege

It is a trope of the Left that they define racism, sexism, transphobia, &c. in terms of not only hatred, but also of “power.”  Since straight individuals are defined as “having power” because the entirety of society was “constructed” by straights to gain power and unearned privilege by oppressing anyone who isn’t “cis-normative”.  This is not a reasoned argument, but a statement of faith, whereof the straight, “cis,” male, &c. are designated as immoral and evil, and anything in opposition being considered morally good simply for being in opposition.

  • JoKeR

    I think the correct term is “loonie priviledge”.

  • ontario john

    The media is all excited that the first trans gender pervert has been hired at the white house, who will help with hiring.

  • Reader

    What odds are the bookies giving on ol’ Bruce going all O.J. on his family?

  • Gary

    The White Male STR8 Privilege sure showed it face in February when Toronto had one freeze to death as a Homeless person in a TTC stop Shelter while Joe Mihevc at City Hall now tells the 300,000 illegals in Toronto that they will get welfare and all the social benefit including housing.

    We still have many of 1990’s Somali Muslim bogus Refugee in the Apartments on Dixon Road’s Welfare alley still on welfare while we see some of the mosques pumping out jihadists .

    How many Black Muslim homeless people do you see on the street or read about them freezing to death as a homeless person ????
    White Politicians are selling out the people that built this nation as they lie and tell each new Minority immigrant groups that THEY built Canada and are more educated that Canadian background persons.

  • Edubeat

    I went to a lot of the 1976 Olympic track and field events in Montreal and I never saw Caitlyn Jenner run or jump or throw in any of them. I guess I couldn;t have been watching too closely.

  • Clausewitz

    Hey Toots, either cut your dick off or shut up.