Today in Atrocities For Allah – 2 beheadings and an amputation

Isis beheaded 2 “thieves” in a public square before an appreciative crowd that included children.

No film, just stills, you may if you wish view them here, note they are graphic and hosted on a Jihadi site.

Isis amputates the hand of a thief in this set of stills. You may view the series here, again they are hosted on a Jihadi site.

This is Islam 15

  • Gary

    This is islam, but the dolts in Canada were played fopr suckers by CAIR and Sheema Khan which worked for a while post 9/11, but in 2008 Khan’s Moderate islam CAIR was exposed by the FBI for funding hamas terrorism.
    No shocker though that the CBC kept Khan on the speed-dialer for the views on Moderate Muslims and to reassure Canadians that islam is a religion of peace.

    Khan jumped ship from CAIR while CAIR changed its name to have Canada in it as if ” a Weasel by any other name……”

  • Gary

    The media doesn’t want you t see this because it doesn’t suit their perception of islam .

    • They want to coddle Islam, beheaded children are icky to coddle.

    • BillyHW

      This is an Islamic prayer card.

  • Everyone Else

    keep showing this stuff

    yes it’s horrible to see, but we can’t afford to pamper our sensibilities

  • pop

    The top image shows so many children watching.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    MSM is looking for that next big LION or ASHLEY MADISON story for page one. The “Muzzle’ems kill Baby xTians” story goes under a dog food ad on page 12.

  • Hard Little Machine

    That would be a great infomercial for knife sharpeners.

  • Guest

    Please don’t put these pictures uncensored on your front page. This is a good website, but please don’t head down that road.