The Sorry Spectacle of Obama’s Pro-Iran Deal Jews

President Obama may have a stranglehold on the votes he’ll need to sustain a veto of a Congressional rejection of his Iran nuclear deal. But while getting one-third plus one votes in either the House or the Senate will save the agreement, the administration and its allies are not satisfied with scraping through this debate and have been playing hardball against critics on both sides of the aisle. The president has likened Republican opponents of the deal to Iranians who chant “Death to America” even as he inaccurately claims that the person leading those chants — Supreme Leader Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei — is “just a politician” and can be counted on to behave responsibly. He’s also exerted fierce pressure on pro-Israel Democrats to stay in line rather than their principles that would lead them to vote against him. But nowhere has the political combat been nastier than in the American Jewish community. While polls have shown most Jews don’t like the deal and most of their organizations are opposing it, the administration has been able to rally some of his allies in the Jewish community to not merely articulate half-hearted defenses of the deal but to blast opponents for having the temerity to call out Obama for his attacks. Though they claim to be in favor of free debate and to merely want civility, the not-so-subtle subtext to their message is clear: American right-winger warmongers and Israelis need to stop questioning dear leader.