Jihadism : A Warning from Malek Boutih, French Member of Parliament, for France.

INFO LE FIGARO – In a report just submitted to Prime Minister Manuel Valls that Le Figaro has obtained, French Socialist Party (PS) deputy Boutih Malek describes “frustrated youth, ready to lose it.” He is concerned that the Islamist rift in France is turning into a mass phenomenon.

“Radical Generation”: the title of the report that Malek Boutih, PS deputy of Essonne (French department in region of Île-de-France) just submitted to the Prime Minister, and that Le Figaro has obtained, reflects its content well. By the third line, he approaches his subject: “The analysis and prevention of radicalization and especially jihadism.” This is a political reading that the former president of SOS-Racism put together after the January attacks. The report is not biased, and deals primarily with the Islamist breakaway of French youth, given that nearly 65% of individuals involved in jihadist networks are under 25 years old. The deputy ensures that his investigation confirms his premise: “The success of jihadist recruiters with the youth is based more on an adherence to an incoming political policy in tune with their international concerns and rejection of Western democratic society, than on a fundamentalist religious doctrine.” This is a result of: “Many young people are turning away from our model of society.”

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