Hillary Bravado Aimed at Stopping Biden

Hillary Clinton’s Snapchat joke generated some laughs from her fans. However, the rest of the country was more puzzled than amused by the presidential candidate’s jest about preferring a service that automatically deletes messages. While campaigning in Iowa Clinton stuck to her position that the growing scandal about her emails was “pure politics.” That’s a line that is growing more untenable with each passing week as we learn more about her use of classified information on a private email server. Just today, it was revealed that the State Department has flagged more than 300 of the emails sent on Clinton’s personal account as possibly containing classified information. Considering that they’ve only gone through about 20 percent of the emails she released to the government (as opposed to the tens of thousands she deleted), that number is bound to grow. But though the shadow of this fiasco is looming over her campaign, right now she’s acting as if her really problem is Joe Biden rather than the prospect of being prosecuted for improper handling of secret material. Her awkward campaign style notwithstanding, it’s obvious that her camp believes acting confident in the face of disaster is the only way to ensure that Biden stays on the sidelines.