Hearts, Minds, And Teeth — Nusra Hands Out Tooth Twigs In Syria Propaganda Push

l-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate, Jabhat al-Nusra, has published a series of propaganda images showing its militants handing out “miswak sticks” — or teeth-cleaning twigs — to Syrians in the northern part of Aleppo Province.

The photos were shared on the social network VKontakte on August 12 by Nusra’s Russian-language media wing, White Minaret.

They show smiling militants from Nusra’s Uzbek-led battalion Katiba Sayfullah Shishani handing out the twigs, which according to some hadith — collections of statements attributed to Muhammad — were recommended by the Muslim Prophet.

  • It’s called the Islamic cult.

    They are doing just like the cult leader.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Oh wow! A tooth twig, Achmed? That’s what we get after you bombed our apartment complex? Are you fuckin’ serious, bro? I’m afraid this is NOT going to work out too well for you chaps in the end. What’s that? You’ll be happy yourself because your tired of having dicks shoved up your rear end every time you dare to fall asleep? Hey, life sucks in the ME, bro, and so do many of your jihadi buddies. And Achmed, your bum is kinda bouncy when you hoist that machine gun around. Do you do that on purpose? That Mae-Westy wiggle? Just making a few observations, Achmed.

  • JoKeR

    It’s a public image campaign to improve the images of jihadis.

    … before you commit a beheading, be sure to use your twig, so you are not broadcast on video with teeth like these!