Harper Derangement Syndrome goes mainstream #elxn42

Back in March I wrote about the wackiness of many attendees at a Bill C-51 protest.

It’s completely legitimate to voice concerns about this anti-terror law. I’ve done so myself.

But many protesters were disproportionately hysterical over this bill. The winner for most outlandish rhetoric was the sign: “I’m more afraid of Stephen Harper than terrorists.”

  • Cheryl

    Funny I am more afraid of Trudeau and the NDP guy than I am of Harper or terrorists. One can only imagine what trouble we would be in if either one was elected. How many billions for day care, out of taxpayers money? Opened borders with every third world person coming to Canada and Mosques galore being built in Canada. The people of Canada should stop and think before they act. I am not saying Harper is much better but we really don’t have many options do we?

    • If either is elected I fully expect to be charged with some Islam appeasing nonsense.

  • Jay Currie

    Nothing about Harper remotely scares me. What does scare me is the Harper government’s incompetence and utter lack of principle. C51 was the icing on the cake.

    An NDP minority is the price Canada is going to have to pay to get rid of Harper and make way for an actual conservative to lead the Conservative party.

    Kitty I fear you are just as likely to be charged by a Harper government as a Mulcair government. Perhaps even more so as the Cons like to suck up to the assorted Muslim communities who would like your “hate speech” and “Islamophobia” silenced.

    • Linda1000

      I’m still voting for Harper. I think most people have grave concerns about C-51. This will likely be Harper’s last term anyway so that means four years for the PC party to get their act together and find a new leader. I’m not willing to risk an NDP any kind of gov’t. The only politician I really like in Canada right now is Brad Wall, SK but I doubt if he will consider federal politics?

  • This is why leaving people like Burman in global hotspots is a moral and public good.

    People like Burman can’t be reasoned with or appealed to. He can’t even get how stupid he is. How can some figment of theoretical “science” be a greater threat than monsters who buy children for sex?

    That Burman et al think this is helping the Liberals win is just baffling.