Globe and Mail: Amid ISIS, Canada Must Fight Bigger Threat Of Islamophobia

The Globe and Mail’s William A. MacDonald implores Canadians not to express “Islamophobia” in response to the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS) or “homegrown extremists,” stating: “We cannot let 0.003 percent of the Muslim world speak for the other 99.997 percent.”

In responding to the rise of the Islamic State with a rallying cry to fight the real enemy, “Islamophobia,” MacDonald makes a number of dubious claims, beginning with his argument that “99.997 percent” of Muslims are peaceful. He does not cite any poll data to make this assertion, perhaps with good reason.

  • Millie_Woods

    This guy is trying his best to live up to the “lying piece of shit” moniker.

    • They would not allow my comment on the weekend at the Globe.

      • Exile1981

        For once i agree with the globe ans snail; we should not allow the actions of 0.003% peaceful muslims speak for the 99.997% of muslims who want us dead.

      • Rejoice, they kept your comment “Apologist tripe,” but deleted almost everything else, so let me say it here: Islam is a filthy cult of murderers and child rapists.

    • Alain

      He certainly meets the requirements.

  • pdxnag

    Let this “99.997 percent” of supposedly harmless Muslims rewrite most — if not all — of Sharia (Islamic) law so that it renders them harmless to the citizens of any non-Muslim land. The bulk of Islam is filled with hate and injunctions against nonbelievers, so they truly have their work cut out for them. It would be far easier to declare oneself an apostate, but only if there were zero Muslims within striking distance of them to enforce the required sentence of death against them under sharia law.

  • terrence

    Whadya expect from the mop and pail? Reason, thoughtfulness, FACTS??? NOT!

  • Clink9

    Globe And Fail. They called the other day looking for me to subscribe. They wouldn’t take no for an answer until I told them I find their politics toxic.

  • k1962

    Okay, then let them speak for themselves….I caaaaan’t hear them….