Ex-MP fined for equating Muslims with Hitler

A Glostrup court found Mogens Camre, a 79-year-old former MP and MEP for the Danish People’s Party and current member of the Gladsaxe city council, guilty of racism on Tuesday and slapped him with an 8,000 kroner fine.

The conviction was for a tweet Camre wrote in in July 2014 that compared Muslims to Adolf Hitler.

“Regarding the Jews’ situation in Europe: The Muslims are continuing where Hitler left off. Only the same treatment Hitler received will change the situation.”

  • roccolore

    But Muslims can praise Hitler and nothing happens to them.

    • Hell they have done it in Toronto madrassas.

    • Alain

      Plus they actually were allies with the Nazis.

  • Maggat

    That sounded like a very true and astute statement to me. His convictions for this are worthy, but, useless until all lefty and progressives are thrown from any and all office.

    • They are as always seeking to further their totalitarian agenda by promoting Islam.

  • Clinton

    It’s hate speech even when it’s true?

  • Just telling it like it is. this has become a crime.

    • Yes and now the Mohammed cartoon contest has been cancelled in London.

  • Tom Forsythe

    In fairness to Hitler, he collected priceless art, rather than smash it. Also, he had that German work ethic.

    • Although, to be fair, he did want to blow up Paris. It’s not as pretty as people pretend it is, but, still.

      • Tom Forsythe

        And Muslims don’t? Like I said, he had more of a work ethic, and actually did something about it.

    • Mickey Oberman

      He collected?
      He murdered the owners and stole the art.

      • Tom Forsythe

        One man’s theft is another man’s collecting.

  • Tony Costa

    Racism? What race is Islam?

    • No idea.

    • Mickey Oberman

      A race for the 72 virgins if any still remain.

    • Alain

      Exactly. That claim alone should disqualify any so-called judge, because it confirms the judge’s ignorance and incompetence.

    • mobuyus

      Goat humper?

  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s pointless to complain or appeal to law or reason in Europe. Make your plans to leave and let the place self incinerate.

  • barryjr

    It now appears that it is illegal to be honest in Denmark. This also proves that not only are North American judges bat shit crazy so are all judges worldwide.