Caucasus Emirate Loses Another Leader In Counter-Terrorism Operation In Dagestan

The death of Abu Usman Gimrinsky, also knwon as Magomed Suleimanov, has been considered to be a major blow for the Caucasus Emirate (IK), a militant Jihadist organisation active in southwestern Russia. Meanwhile, the Russian National Anti-Terrorism Committee said that his successor Magomed Abdulaev had also been killed during a counter-terrorism operation in Dagestan.

The group has already been weakened after a wide number of its members started fighting for its rival militant group in the region, the Islamic State group. However, according to Russian analyst Yana Amelina, it is premature to conclude that the Caucasus Emirate is “clinically dead.” Even though it has lost its fourth major leader in two years in the form of Abdulaev, surviving loss of leaders is something the terrorist group may have learned over time.