British national arrested in Bangladesh on suspicion of being the ‘main planner’ behind the savage murders of two atheist bloggers

A British national has been arrested in Bangladesh on suspicion of being the ‘main planner’ behind the brutal murders of two prominent atheist bloggers.

Briton Touhidur Rahman, 58, and two other ‘active members’ of a banned Islamist group known as the Ansarullah Bangla Team were detained in the capital city Dhaka earlier this morning.

The three men were arrested on suspicion of hacking to death Bangladeshi-American national Avijit Roy, 42, in Dhaka in February and Ananta Bijoy Das in the northeastern city of Sylhet in May.

Their murders are part of a spate of brutal killing of atheist bloggers in Bangladesh over the past six months. In March Washiqur Rahman Babu, 43, was butchered in Dhaka after voicing anger over the murder of Roy, while Niloy Chatterjee, 40, was killed in the capital earlier this month.

  • The Butterfly

    British, like the Queen.

  • African

    I know a majority muslim country in Africa where 85 Christian pastors and Christian missionaries were assassinated in the last few years and all the assassins were getting their training, encouragement and funds from other muslims who live in the US and in Canada.

  • ismiselemeas

    Excellent, Britain can have him extradited home and the US can apply for extradition from Britain for the murder of a US citizen except Britain won’t comply because of the death penalty.