Army Ranger School to graduate its first female students

Two female soldiers will graduate from the Army’s grueling Ranger School on Friday, becoming the first women to complete one of the U.S. military’s premier courses to develop elite fighters and leaders, Army officials said Monday night.

  • Icebow

    Oh Gawd. Would a true graduate be a true woman?

    • I’m not sure about the guy in the middle.

      • Doo Da Daze

        ya mean Al Jolson?

  • Alain

    You can be certain that the requirements were watered down if an actual woman graduated.

    • mauser 98

      as female West Point graduates they were held to a lower standard
      frontline combat is not a place for women
      more Obama destruction

    • Ron MacDonald

      I doubt it.

      • WalterBannon

        so you are not informed. read the army fitness standards. they are watered down for women.

        • Ron MacDonald

          “No one I knew met the women’s standard — they made it a point to meet the men’s standard, because we knew that that was just going to fuel that attitude of people who didn’t want women there,” she said.

        • Gary

          I always pay attention to the words these people say because the Rangers do endure a lost of stress except that Official tipped me of when they said she met all the standards.
          That’s fine, but was it he standards for females because it often gets tough to see how she could out perform every other male and be at the bottom of list for the rest to make it through.
          What was her finishing rank because if she was better than 10 other men it would be time to raise the standards so the 10 males below her would never have finished.

          It can’t be both ways, either one test course that Jenner could zip though as a trans person in 1976 or just lower the bar for everyone so you have a Diversity of failures that can get each other killed in the battle field , or lag behind and get captured.

  • Gary

    Great, now she can get pregnant and go on Mat-Leave to join the other females in the Military that make up the perpetual 20% absence rate to start a family of have more kids.

    I had worked at a high-stress job where the benefits were very good , except that when women started to come in thinking the high salary was for being a male…….they woke-up to the daily stress and few lasted beyond 2 years.
    But what happened later thanks to the Human Rights Commission and the NDP Quota system for females , the word got out about the generous benefits for Mat-leave and that’s when pregnant females applied for jobs and about 5-6 months later they were off for 26 weeks while other Temps were hired to fill in.
    Even the new young women employees chose this time to have a baby , one person had a minor brain tumour that was removed and got the Doctor to declare them unable to return to there high stress job…..okay fine, but as a young woman in her 20’s and married -with her 75% wage replacement on LTD since the benefits package did not demand the person to find any other work outside their trained position- she started to have kids as if THEY weren’t stressful .

    I not anti-women , however the feminists have poisoned their sisters on the campuses to see men as the enemy because they have the good jobs with high wages as if they don’t work for the money ( I’ve seen about 4 commit suicide while one dropped dead at 35 from a heart attack) .
    But when Companies met the HRC goals, many of these women did exactly what women did in the 1960’s to start a family in their 20’s which just mocked the whole idea of equal access to good careers or steady jobs.

    All we can do is hope that the Enemy has a Diversity plan to have 20% of their female troops on leave too and lower standards in general for G.I.’s .

    • Icebow

      At Wimbledon, female players now get the same money as males in spite of still having to play only three sets at most (while female marathon runners still run the full distance, e.g.). This unfairness is compounded in that the time saved can go towards further financial reward in the doubles tournaments.

    • BillyHW

      Western women are a stinking pile of vomit.

  • WalterBannon

    too bad she did not have to meet the same fitness standards…

  • El Martyachi


  • simus1

    Great wartime combat officers are usually smart, lucky, charismatic, and a “bit” eccentric. They wind up in elite units because no one has the patience required to tolerate them elsewhere in peacetime.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    These graduates must really be frightful when PMS hits.

  • BillyHW

    These women are as confused as Caitlyn Jenner.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The IDF has had women in combat roles for years to no ill effect. They are ineligible for the Sayeret corps – the special forces though.

  • Blind Druid

    In the immortal words of the late George Carlin “It’s all about the pussification of the 21st. century male”.