‘Anti-traveller’ ditches spark outrage in France

Town officials in northern France have come under scrutiny after ordering ditches to be dug out in an effort to dissuade travellers from setting up camp there.

  • G

    Scatter some tire tearing spikes in the fields, hidden in the grass at night. The bleeding hearts will wail but they won’t be able blame anyone.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Several fire trucks spraying water on them twenty-four hours per day would be easier; especially during the winter months.

  • tom_billesley

    I put locks on my front door. Am I in trouble?

  • ed

    in the uk 2 tonne concrete blocks have been used for years to keep the theiving “pikeys” off private land [ no probs in Ireland where most come from as trespass is now a criminal offence but not in England

  • Alain

    Those town officials should be commended on their hospitality. They had built nice public latrines for those travellers to use.