Will Robots Create Good Jobs?

There is a great deal of anxiety about the rise of so-called robot workers, programmed to do all of the work needed, rendering us human workers obsolete. And not without reason: One grim figure in this conversation is an estimate that 47 percent of workers in the U.S. are now at risk of automation.

But will the coming technological shifts create jobs too? And will those jobs be good ones? That’s the focus of a recent report by BSR, a non-profit that works with over 250 companies on sustainability.

  • Dana Garcia

    Yep, MIT grads who major in robotics have swell prospects. Everyone else, not so much.

    So we won’t need to import millions of immigrants to perform non-existent jobs, right?

    • DD_Austin

      A few more engineers* means 100 more maintenance staff to service the lines, electricians*, millwrights* and electronics* will be even more

      We’d seen this before, the 1980s PC killed thousands of accounting jobs, and created thousands of other jobs.

      Technology isn’t the problem, asshole double dealing government is the

      * They’ll import 3rd world crap degrees to depress any decent wages however and call it diversity

      • That seems to be the plan.

      • Dana Garcia

        Do you think that manufacturers are spending million to transform factories not to save money by eliminating human workers?

        As far as accounting goes, the Wall Street Journal reported a couple months back that “the new bookkeeper is a robot.”


        • DD_Austin

          The wall street journal is 35 years behind the times
          accounting was the first thing business computers
          were programmed for, it was automated back in the 80s

          also WSJ is just another MSM propaganda crap fest

  • Everyone Else

    piece of crap article

    “47 percent of workers in the U.S. are now at risk of automation”

    yeah well I say it’s really 46.49% and they wrongly rounded up instead of down

    38.3725% of articles are total crap

  • Ron MacDonald

    Someone has to maintain and program them, and these jobs pay more than people earn working on the line.

  • dukestreet

    It’s the people without the right degrees who will be out of a job. How will all those people over 30 get re-educated into a new field that will give them a job. i know lots of jobs will come out of it. it’s the people the robots replace who will be in trouble. a generation down the line,will probably be fine. In the meantime. Problems galore.

  • Reader