White House warns off Chinese spies hunting for US man who could be the ‘most significant defector in decades’

Chinese spies in the United States thought to be a hunting a man who’s been called the ‘most significant defector in decades’ have been warned by the White House to stop the search.

The United States has sent a warning to Beijing about Chinese agents it says are operating covertly in America while working to pressure fugitives such as suspected defector Ling Wancheng to return to China.

Operation Fox Hunt is part of a worldwide effort by Beijing to repatriate fugitives, – including some suspected of corruption – and recover funds suspected of being tied to criminal activity.

  • mauser 98

    foreign agent? ….look in the Oval Office

  • lgeubank

    We must have a million Chinese infiltrators, spies and future computer hackers, in computer science departments in our universities. They are in the majority (they and the Koreans), get most of the A.I. or T.A. jobs, and just about run the departments. So we’re educating China’s hackers and spies, and paying them as well.

  • pop

    Our Chinese spies in Australia are buying our land.

    • G

      Make life miserable for the Chinese that come there. If some Chinese open a restaurant, then with a little luck on your part it might have a long series of unfortunate accidents until the owners decide to pack up & go.
      A larger Chinese owned business?
      Become an employee there and see how much you can contribute to running it into the ground.

  • Dave

    Ooooooh, o’bumphuk warns off Chinese spies hunting for US. I’m guessing the chinese are scare poopless.
    As Bugs Bunny used to say:”What a maroon”!