ISIS terrorists targeting ‘Shirley Valentines’ who want holiday romances

Vulnerable British women visiting Turkey are being tricked into holiday romances with Isis terrorists who want to wreak havoc in the UK.

Islamic fanatics are preying on unattached females – just like actress Pauline Collins’s character in the hit movie Shirley Valentine.

They aim to con them into ­marriage and get a highly prized UK visa.

At least two British women have fallen for the potentially lethal scam at the hands of pitiless terrorists.

h/t Suze

  • sterling bell

    It used to be these sad gals only ruined their own lives and allowed one undesirable into the country. Now they’re endangering us all.

  • Islam Is a Crock

    Note to all single women. If a Muslim male wants to marry you and you are over the age of thirteen, IT’S A SCAM!!

  • BillyHW

    Western Civilization will never recover from its greatest folly: giving women the right to vote.

  • Frances

    Back in the day, when the grandchildren started travelling, Mum’s stern warning to them all was: “Remember, the most attractive thing about you is your passport.”