Comparing Duffy affair to Liberal sponsorship scandal ‘absurd’: Harper

OTTAWA – Stephen Harper called any comparison between the Mike Duffy affair and the Liberal sponsorship scandal “absurd” as the Conservative leader faced more questions on Sunday from reporters and attacks from his opponents about the senator.

The Duffy issue stayed in the election campaign spotlight after revelations emerged last week during the senator’s fraud, breach of trust and bribery trial.

  • andycanuck

    Also, the taxpayers didn’t lose any money on Duffy while I think there are several millions still unaccounted for from Adscam. (Not that the two situations are analogous in the first place of course.)

    • The media war against Harper will backfire.

      • Exile1981

        Except that over 50% of the population only gets it’s news from the cbc and other media party sources.

        • LauraS

          It is astonishing to me how many people willingly remain cocooned in a Liberal/socialist bubble–they ONLY have liberal friends, they only watch liberal news, etc. They have NO IDEA of the issues, or the context/history/other side of the news stories they do see. And they have the right to vote. Sad.

          • Exile1981

            Sadly i know what you mean. If you even try and explain it to them they see your lying because the cbc says so.

      • Gary

        People are seeing how non-conservative get a pass for their crimes and short comings.
        i.e. jack Layton’s rub-n-tug visit to exploit foreign sex workers in the human trafficking business, George Smitheman’s stunt to wear a diaper to Queen’s park as Vets and Senior endure soiled diaper’s in Long-Term care centre’s, Furious George in a pre election video verbally abusing a young women, George’s runaway Hubby brought back home by the Cops to only see him commit suicide about 12 weeks later with little Media coverage or a Police investigation for Domestic abuse that caused the suicide.
        Then there is Olivia Chow, the anti-white anti-canada parasite at the public trough that won her MP seat in China Town by her Head-tax redress crusade where she promised about $50,000,000.00 to the victims or the families from the overt racism by White Canadians. The morons at the CBC and STAR gave her a pass, or they were too stupid to do the research for the history of the Head-tax and that ” Canadian’s” didn’t exists as Citizens until Paul Martin Sr. brought in the Citizenship act in 1947 because our dead troops buried in Europe were listed as British Subjects from Canada. Chow also avoided telling the whole story that the Head-tax was imposed on Britain’s Colonies to stop the exodus of skilled workers in the textile industry from fleeing via the cargo ships in the Ports as stowaways .
        The rulers of China had ordered their navy staff to execute, plus dump in the sea , any of the workers found on the boats in the harbours as an example to others trying to flee.
        Britain cut a deal to impose the Ruler’s Head-tax on their soil to deter workers from fleeing but in exchange China stopped executing them in the harbours .
        But hey….when did Chow care about the truth when it came to bashing White people and the West to garner votes for her Pro- Communism Socialist base of welfare collectors and illegals she supports ( which is treason to steal tax-dollars from the CRA for tourists to get welfare and FREE health care) .
        Chow also supported an Active Soldier in a Foreign Military
        that illegally enter Canada for a refugee claim while they were on Leave and didn’t want to return to the Battle Zone as a support staff in a low -risk job .
        Public Sector employees were in on it too to grant them Welfare they were not entitled to and the FREE health care , buy hey ….it wasn’t Chow’s money so who cares because most taxpayer and those evil whiteys .
        The soldier quickly had an anchor baby to assure her stay in Canada, but it failed. Chow argued that it was cruel to tear the baby from its homeland and community, but Chow once again had the CBC on her side to refuse to report that this Soldier had gotten her Husband and two children into Canada illegally to live in canada . So in Chow’s world it’s okay for a women to rip her two American children away THEIR grand parents , schools, friends and community to move up to Canada……but it’s cruel to deport that same women back to her homeland after her ruse to have baby in canada that is now being taken from its place of birth.
        Chow was taken for her place of birth to live in canada where she did well as a career parasite at the public trough, her family wasn’t completely wiped out either because of those evil White people in canada that die to eventually kick out Japan from here homeland before the troops could slaughter he grand parents or Mother.

        Yes folks, the leftist progressive know that there is a strata of low IQ people or lots or mentally lazy supporters out there that will never research their lies which become the truth in the minds of these useful-idiots.
        The CBC and STAR are just as guilty for exploiting the ignorant which helps them to keep the gravy train running with the $1,100,000,000.00 Corporate welfare from the Taxpayers.

        Sadly, this tactic by the media is now popular for self-appointed leaders in Minority Communities to cry racism or some Phobia to get more Grant Money or jobs when their people are sub-par for skills and want to blame Whitey for the moron parent producing a moron child forced into a failing Public School system printing fake Diploma for student that can barely read or write in English .

        Remember this, the media went nuts when a CUPE insider at the 9-1-1 Centre leaked a Domestic abuse call to Rob Ford’s address . They had Ford guilty prior to any charges or a Court trial , I also her a leftist feminists on a radio show that claimed that he (Rob) had to be guilty because the Police don’t go to 911 calls to waste there time with innocent people .

        Please note the stark contrast to Smitherman’s case where the 9-1-1 call was kept quiet and the abused spouse had fled the home and was found partially naked , then the Police just brought the victim back to George with NO investigation to keep them apart as they do for heterosexual women just from allegations of harm or implied harm .
        George was at the center of these events and yet within about two more months the spouse felt that they wanted the commit suicide.
        Once again , there was little media coverage while I had also heard Gay activists in the Media claim it was over and lets respect the privacy for George to deal with the trauma and loss.
        Right………..and shortly after that period of great loss and trauma, George was on the radio happy as ever campaigning for Olivia Chow as mayor.

        I’m in a nice area of Toronto , and I discovered that large number of these $Million dollar homes are owned by teachers , retired teachers , CUPE members and others as Consultants to the Liberal party in Power in Ontario or links to the TDSB .

    • Gary

      Remember, it was Dennis Mills that was at the review and tried to defend Liberals and deny fraud. Mills was the same Liberal that said the SARS concert would cost a cent to bring the Stones to Canada , but the bills came in for the 747 and Concert fees on top of the huge losses from the dolts at the TTC that were ill prepared for the Concerts end and just let everyone take the Subway for free ( I like when they say it’s FREE as if nobody is stuck with the bill) which should be a Red Flag for how inept the TTC will be during any Olympics in Toronto until the clean out the nepotism Dead Wood and Diversity slugs that slipped by HR.

  • mauser 98

    how are those OPP/ Wynne scandal warp speed investigations workin out for ya

    Green Energy Act (20 billion)
    eHealth scandal (almost 2 billion)
    Gas plant scandal (1.1 billion theft and cover-up of our tax dollars)
    Deleting e-mails…destruction of government property
    ORNGE scandal (700 million)
    Ontario Northland Railway scandal (820 million)
    Caledonia Hydro Line scandal (116 million)
    Lobbyist scandal (two multi-million dollar scandals)
    Eco-Fee Reversal scandal (18 million)
    CancerCare Ontario scandal (millions of dollars)
    Slush Fund scandal (32 million)
    Niagara Falls Commission scandal
    Ontario Power Generation scandal
    Children’s Aid Society scandal
    Nanticoke Coal Power Plant Shutdown scandal
    G20 Secretly Approved Police Power scandal
    Auto Insurance scandal
    Foreign Scholarships scandal (our students pay the highest tuition in
    Canada while foreign students get free university educations)

    • Alain

      Exactly and high time all this needs to be thrown back at the media/Liberal party hacks posing as reporters.

  • Gary

    The AdScam was from the $1 billion+ in the Unity Fund where close to $300,000,000.00 was possibly abuse . Liberals may have done what Conservatives did but THEY got caught big time and even today the Liberals that were part of it still won’t come forward to give evidence over the $140,000,000.00 fraud where there is STILL close to $40,000,000.00 missing.

    The best Martin and Chretien could do is tell Gomery that they expected those under them to know what went on because they are too stupid to be expected to know and be trusted with large amounts or money .
    Only a Liberal would try to take credit for the disaster for being in charge and being outraged it happened but also too stupid to know it went on .
    I would have laughed back then , but it was OUR money not the Liberal’s Money.

    Today, we have Wynne and McLiar telling the media they were too stupid to be expected to know what went on over the gas plant scandal and criminal cover-up where a stranger was allowed to wlak right by a OPP security Guard in Queen’s park to wipe clean 12 PC hard drives.
    Sgt. Schultz got his 8.3% raise from Wynne in January 2014 which explains why the STAR and CBC can’t get any information from him for why he let that person enter the Premiers office with NO id or permission paper.

  • WalterBannon

    the CBC has been pushing this Duffy crap nonstop trying to get traction and influence the election.

    The had better have their budget cut or else its time for a class action lawsuit against them.