7 Of The Most Horrifying Bomb Blasts Pakistan Has Seen – All Caused By Its Own Terrorists

“Live by the sword, die by the sword” is clearly Pakistan’s doctrine as it succumbs to the mistake of providing sanctuary to the world’s most feared men. Today, Pakistan’s Punjab province home minister Shuja Khanzada was assassinated along with eight others, when a suicide bomber blew himself up at his house in Shadi Khal village in Attock district. Khanzada had been fighting the rise of communalism and terrorism in the nation, and has been actively involved in major operations against terror outfits in the province.

  • ed

    motorbike bomb at Bangkok shrine dead and injured BBC desperate to blame someone ,anyone , sssshh don`t mention you know who !!!!!!!

  • Hard Little Machine

    You could slaughter a million Muslims and the only reaction from anyone would be to blame the Jews for something.

  • luna

    Muslims insist, and the left buys in to the idea that American aggression and poverty are the cause terrorism. The left seems mentality incapable of confronting the violent supremacist creed which is Islam.

    • tom_billesley

      It’s not just a failure to confront islam. The left thinks that mahometans are allies or at least may be manipulated to suit their own ends, and so must be shielded from criticism

      • luna

        Dawah seeks to soften the heart of the infidel, clearing the path for jihad.

  • At its core, Islam is a killing cult. The jihadi killers are quite indiscriminate about who they kill.

    Pakistan is a central pivot location for these killers. Expect more jihadi action in and around Pakistan.

    It is just what Islam does.

  • Dana Garcia

    Pakistan is one of the more backward countries even in a crowded field. Unfortunately it’s growing like gangbusters.