Canada: Syrian Refugee Beat Wife In Front Of Cops Because She’s “His Property”

A Winnipeg man who allegedly assaulted his wife in front of police and told an officer he could do what he wants with “his property” is now fighting a bail order banning him from having any contact with the woman.

“Even if her wish was to have contact with (the accused), the Crown would be strongly opposed to any variation of the bail,” Crown attorney Vuk Mitrovic told court Wednesday.

In the presence of police, the accused “was undeterred in committing an assault on his wife,” Mitrovic said. “The attitude he demonstrated … should cause the court grave concern about the safety and protection of the public.”

Thank you Mr. Government!


  • marty_p

    The Toronto Star and Justin Turdeau want us to import more of ’em.

    • truthdareisay

      It’s the Conservatives who want the 10,000 Syrian refugees…

      • k1962

        I think they specified that they would be religious minorities…hopefully no Muslims, especially not like this loser family with 9 spawn who witnessed their mother being beaten. Man, they belong back in the Middle East and not here with their “superior” Islamic culture.

        • Ho Hum

          I don’t believe that Harper will only be bringing in religious minorities as he hinted at. As PM he has brought 100,000’s of Muslim refugees to Canada. The man is an idiot and a traitor.

          • k1962

            Did they really bring in 10,000 already or was it a smaller number…I hope! 10,000 is a significant number of violence prone refugees to bring in, although if you listen to the losers on the left (Muslims, certain Christian church leadership etc.) you’d think we weren’t sacrificing enough for these people who are reaping what they sowed!!!!

          • Ho Hum

            They previously pledged to bring in 7,000. Don’t know how many from that number have been brought in. The 10,000 number is a new pledge. The conservatives keep actual numbers brought in a secret because they know no one will be happy. Those of us on the right will be incensed that they are bringing in any of these barbaric cavemen and women. Those on the left will complain that the number isn’t ten times higher.

          • k1962

            They are stupid because the people who actually vote for them don’t want these people here and the the people they are appeasing by bringing in these Muslims wouldn’t vote for them anyway. I doubt if one lefty or Muslim would vote for a Conservative candidate not matter how many Muslim refugees they brought in.

          • Ho Hum

            I am convinced that Harper thinks that he can beat the Liberals at their own game. He must believe that if he brings in 100,000’s of these Muslim’s that they will return the gratitude by voting Conservatives and I think to some extent it has worked. Harper’s “Minister of Multiculturalism” (former immigration minister) is Jason Kenney a confirmed bachelor who spends his weekends travelling across the country visiting mosques and temples trying to win over the South Asian vote. In recent years the conservatives have brought in record numbers of “family class” immigrants as part of their family reunification program. These are the sick and elderly parents and grandparents of landed immigrants. Many don’t speak a word of English or will ever work and pay taxes in Canada but within 90 days of arrival they are give a health card and get FREE HEALTHCARE! This is costing us not only BILLIONS in added healthcare costs but many Canadians are paying with their lives because these parasites have put such a strain on the health care system that it is splitting at the seams.

          • k1962

            Yep. I see them with their translators when I take a family member to the cancer clinic. It is sickening. They pay no taxes like the astronaut families from China but reap so much in the services they use. But, I think the Muslims hate Harper because he is pro Israel and would not repay him or Kenney with their votes because of it. They are pathological in their hatred of Jews and Israel.

          • kiwi

            Didn’t work for Tony Blair – he thought all the new immigrants would vote for Labour so could power forever. Now the ordinary Brits are really paying while Blair and his cohorts live high on the hog.

          • UncleVladdi

            Again, agreed – we need a REAL Conservative party here!

          • UncleVladdi

            Agreed – just look what he did for the muslim Assassin’s Cult leader the Aga Khan – gave him the War Museum rent and tax-free for the next 99 years, and $33 million to build a huge “Freedom Mosque” just outside Toronto, in exchange for the Ismaeli’s email lists to support Conservatives in an election.
            He panders to muslims daily. If he had any balls, he’d have accepted ALL the Syrian Yezidis and then (since they speak Arabic and presumably hate muslims) have given them all jobs at CSIS to monitor the muslims! But of course he didn’t, and instead is busy signing all the CETA and TPP treasons.

    • Sickening isn’t it.

  • Martin B

    Back home in Shitpilestan no cop would even bat an eye.

    More unassimilated Mohammedans please Mr Government!

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    Those are the refugees the Cons already admitted into the country?

    • I bet he was Church sponsored.

      • Maurixio Garciasanchez

        Harper is protecting the country from terrorists by bringing them here.

      • UncleVladdi

        If so, I bet it was by those masochistic lefty United Church traitors.

  • simus1

    I fail to see how being a gangster on the (hopefully) losing side in a Syrian muslim blood fest qualifies anyone for refugee status in Canada.

  • Alain

    One would think that people would eventually learn that you cannot change a wild savage animal into a domestic one by relocating it to a different environment.

    • Exactly.

    • UncleVladdi

      Liberals are masochistic psycho-paths (that’s Greek for “thought-killers”) who refuse to learn, and maintain their false right to remain irresponsibly wrong!

  • Alain

    Just wanted to add a reminder that the guy is correct. In Islam she and any children are HIS property. Yet according to the doctrine of multiculturalism his culture is equal to our culture. Now that does indeed create a problem.

    • What really shocks me is to see Muslim men walk ahead and their wives trail a few steps behind. They do not walk side by side, but in order of superiority.

    • Mickey Oberman

      It is not a problem.
      He is in Canada.
      He must obey Canadian laws.
      There is no alternative.
      Well – yes there is. Sendim back to his country of origin, sans wife.

      • UncleVladdi

        So – he doesn’t agree with Canadian laws?

        Perhaps he should move to Quebec (or back to Syria)!

        In Quebec, his muslim rights will soon be fully protected by plustard Jacques Frémont, SOROS – driven president of the Quebec Human Rights (and Zero Responsibilities) Commission.

  • Maggat

    It was a sorry day when we brought the first of these shit stains into our country.

  • Ho Hum

    According to the article:

    “”The family is very strong in the Islamic religion and they have very strong cultural beliefs,”

    Reading this doesn’t give me much confidence that Harper will only bring in religious minorities as refugees from Syria. It is absolute insanity for Canada to be bringing in Muslim refugees from any country especially Syria! Harper is a TRAITOR!

  • John

    Uh…so she has nine kids…

    • Maurixio Garciasanchez

      Yeah she does and her white neighbor,has 20 dogs as a family.

  • Bernie

    Why does he get bail? Kick him out of the Country and his diseased brood with him including all his relatives.

  • cmh

    soon she will be another murder stat in the murder capital of canada….o well….

  • Moving along now…

    Blundered here, looking for something else, but gotta say something before I move on. And that is:
    Why let information get in the way of a good hatefest, eh?

    1) He was Iraqi, not Syrian.
    “Court was told the family fled **their native Iraq** for Syria before arriving in Winnipeg last February. The family suffered persecution from terrorist groups including al-Qaida. While in Syria, one of the man’s children was kidnapped and held for ransom.”

    2) Talk to cops who attend ‘domestic disturbances’. Do you really think it’s rare for a Canadian guy to shout: ‘she’s my f*&Ck1n wife, I’ll do what I want.’ If you do, sign up for a stint at the local women’s shelter. They’ll set you straight.

    3) The guy himself acknowledged how screwed up he was: “In an interview with an Arabic-speaking police officer, the man said “he wanted to be locked up in a mental hospital and the key thrown away as he didn’t know what he would do to his wife,” Mitrovic told court.”

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone violence against women. There are aspects of Islam in relation to women that make me shudder. Sadly, I could say the same thing about Judaism or Christianity (and rule of thumb, anyone?).

    Commenters here have jumped from the story of one guy losing his shit to branding all Syrian muslims wife-beaters.

    And it’s beyond me how anyone could imagine that losing your home, leaving the town and country you grew up in, watching family members you love die brutally, losing your savings, your memories, your future, would somehow be a trade you’d sign up for in order to wait in line for medical services in a freezing country where people say the kinds of things you all have just said about them. Talk about lack of imagination and basic human decency.