National Post View: Real action needed against ISIL, not sloganeering

The reports are scattered, with little hope of speedy confirmation from Western reporters. But there are mounting indications that, over the last several hours and days, the Islamic State has massacred hundreds in the Libyan town of Sirte. Local militias in the area had tried to resist encroaching Islamic State influence and are now reportedly paying for their resistance with their lives, including reports of wounded men being executed in their hospital beds.

Ho-hum. Another day, another ISIL atrocity.

Islam is the problem and only Muslims can solve that, end of story.

Mohammedans should be the ones risking blood and treasure not us.

Unless we are willing to take out all the Muslim terror states WW II style we have no business there.

As for humanitarian assistance, certainly take refugee Christians and Yazidis, leave the Muslims there.