Maniac Corbyn is a product of trends from Left and Right

Corbyn is winning because the centre-Left has been crowded out by the modern Right, and the far-Left, in all its anger and bitter resentment, has summoned up its energy for one last throw of the totalitarian dice

Remember, remember, the 12th of September. Put it in your diary now. If you’re a political type, it could be your John F. Kennedy moment: you’ll always remember where you were the day the British Labour Party committed suicide, as Jeremy Corbyn was announced as the new leader.

Panic in mainstream Labour circles is palpable. Alastair Campbell and (today) Tony Blair have been quite explicit in saying that a Corbyn victory could be the end of the road for their party.

It probably would be. But the less discussed and equally interesting questing is, why? What is possessing Labour supporters who are eligible to vote to take a course of action that condemns their party to oblivion?