Man held after yelling ‘Muhammad is a pig’ on Temple Mount

Police detained a Jewish visitor to the Temple Mount on Sunday after he yelled “Muhammad is a pig” at Muslim worshipers at the site.

  • vladtepesblog

    What does this guy have against pigs?

    • Beats me;)

      • vladtepesblog

        Who would have suspected that freedom of speech is as dead in Israel as it is in England.

        • Guest

          I find this particularly disturbing myself. Sadly, it’s become par for the course for the West – but Israel? Every day their very existence is literally on the line and yet they still choose to bow down to those very “people” who would destroy them, given half a chance.

          As I said, very disturbing.

          • vladtepesblog

            I suppose if we were to discuss the ‘real politic’ of it, there is a case to be made for this policy. Needing to keep the moral high ground in the world’s eye and so on. But they lost that decades ago anyway. At this stage the West, including Israel had better think about returning to telling the truth to the public instead of forcing a narrative, with all the messy consequences of that which must follow. There is no way to preserve our own culture, freedoms and classical liberalism at this late stage without fighting for it, which is a historical norm after all. But the cultural-Marxists have made it very difficult to even think its OK for us to want these freedoms for ourselves.

            The only bright side is that the muslim groups and Marxist groups (Black Lives Matter, Amnesty Int. and even it looks a little like the Vatican at the moment) have been so rapidly successful that they may have turned the stove up too high and too fast in that ‘boiling the frog’ sense and we may see blow-back as many of us can still remember what Jeffersonian liberalism felt like.

  • luna

    Voltaire said “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

    • We insult Islam before breakfast every day;)

      • luna

        Not on the temple mount, you don’t.

    • DVult

      Apparently we are ruled by pigs.

  • WalterBannon

    Muhammad IS A Pig

  • marty_p

    Mohammed Hu Hunzeer (Arabic)

    Mohammed Hu Chazir (transliterated Hebrew) or מוחמד הואחזיר

  • luna
  • Norman_In_New_York