Maher Praises Trump: People Want Someone Who Won’t ‘Bend to the Bullshit’

Bill Maher spoke on Real Time about how Donald Trump has managed to do well in Iowa despite the controversies and him being taken out of his element. Maher said that even though he doesn’t agree with Trump on many points, he “gets him” in terms of how the Republican electorate wants someone to lead without “bending to anyone’s bullshit.”

  • terrence

    I found this link on GatewayPundit:

    As they say – you will NOT see this on the slimestream media

    • Linda1000

      Your story is from 1988 so that makes it an even better glimse of Trump’s human side and that his past isn’t all bad.
      How many of the rich fatcats in Washington have done similar? Trump just released his position on immigration on his website. Americans are loving it.
      Go Trump. (Re: pic – he’s quite proud of his own hair – “…it may not be perfect but it’s mine.” or similar words)

  • lolwut?

    Maher is just a closet conservative like Cenk Uygur from “The Young Turks” who just plays the liberal bullshit act because it’s profitable.

    Even they have their moments when they need to vent once in awhile and show what they really think.

    Cenk on TYT does it a lot because he’s surrounded by clueless Millennial progressive Beta’s who just keep pushing his buttons a little more then he can stand.

    • andycanuck

      I disagree, lolwut?, re. Maher. (I haven’t heard Cenk enough to comment on him.)

      He’s always been a narcissist who pretended to be a Libertarian pre-9/11 because he wanted his personal taxes low and wanted black criminals in jail to make himself safer but he’s been completely on the Left-Lib band wagon since 9/11; and occasionally sh1tting on the Moslems isn’t going to get me praising him even a little bit. His one big disappointment with Obama was that he didn’t go ghetto on the (RINO!) Republicans’ asses… like that wimpy, private-school sh1thead could go ghetto on anyone’s ass just because he’s part black.

      On Trump, I had a good rant and laugh at some dick in the Star yesterday worried that Trump would turn into a presidential Rob Ford. So Trump is pissing off all the right people for now as far as I’m concerned.

      Addendum: And pre-9/11 I noticed he was against AIDS funding because it serviced such a tiny fraction of ‘victims’ and ‘at risk’ types but he’d never raise the issue when gay guests were on, only when he had his one show out of five that had a libertarian-conservative guest majority.

      • lolwut?

        Maher, Uygur are the political versions of Al Gore and his global warming bullshit.

        It makes them money and keeps them employed in an industry
        full of pretenders who will do and say anything if it sells.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Should Trump be elected, his current wife Melania would be the first foreign-born First Lady since John Quincy Adams’s wife Louisa. She would also be the first First Lady to have posed nude for publication.

    • Better than being the first muslim president.

    • pike bishop

      I’m thankful at least for the fact that the current first lady was not the first.
      The twerking was not very becoming.

  • kkruger71

    Wow, that lady on the panel really didn’t get it. And how does she square that circle that he is so popular because he is saying the same thing as everyone else? That just makes no sense.

  • bob e

    screw this phony ..