Communist Alberta NDP MLA Rod Loyola has “new appreciation for workers” — after trip to oil field MUSEUM

Rod Loyola is a new Alberta NDP MLA — and a communist. It’s true! Check out the videos of Loyola praising Hugo Chavez, and “gangsta-rapping” against capitalism.

  • Leave @$$holes like this in North Korea.

  • Linda1000

    Yup, Alberta is in trouble and the current elected MPs are dreadful. There is a by-election coming up in Foothills NW Calgary riding (Prentice’s abandoned seat). It will be interesting to see if people drink another dose of orange Kool-Aid.

    • Oracle9

      They will drink. A mind once brainwashed will always suffer from the damage.

    • God forbid.

  • pike bishop

    No…No…No… The NDP are not communist. The NDP don’t like people to have guns unless you go into the woods, grow a beard and start a revolucion. then guns are great.

  • DMB

    What you see in a Rachael Noetly NDP government in Alberta is what you will see in a Thomas Mulclair government if that occurs.

    • Alain

      Actually it could be even worse in my opinion.

  • Gary

    The gangstras from welfare ghettos must be too stupid to see that they wouldn’t get a cent in Cuba or N.Korea.
    Whitey is keeping them alive and yet they hate Whitey.
    Kinda like a child that hates their parents and wants to smash their toys to get even not seeing that someone bought those toys and pays the mortgage to keep you out of an orphanage .