Appalling Liberal incompetence

If the best indicator of future performance is past practice then Ontario taxpayers should be terrified of Premier Kathleen Wynne’s mandatory pension plan for 3.5 million workers.

That’s because creating the plan — paid for by a 1.9% annual payroll tax imposed on applicable workers and their employers, expected to bring in $3.5 billion annually when fully operational — is on the scale of the Liberal government’s green energy disaster.

  • Observer

    The Toronto Sun is either mistaken, protecting itself legally, or lying.

    The Ontario Liberal Party is not incompetent; It is totally corrupt!

  • Jaedo Drax

    Has anyone asked Shiny Pony if he agrees with Comrade’s Wynne’s latest attack on the middle class in Ontario?

  • wallyj180

    The Liberals will use the extra pension funds to invest in green energy infrastructure for the future generations.

    It is a Wynne/Wynne situation.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  • Appreciative Reader

    Strangely — for this government — but fortunately yet for us, there is an “out”, in the form of a “comparable plan” option that exempts employers & employees from the ORPP. For example, a Defined Contribution (DC) Registered Pension Plan (RPP).

    In typical fashion, the gov’t feels a DC minimum 4% contribution by the employee, matched an employer’s 4%, is somehow equal to the ORPP’s 1.9% & 1.9%. Leaving that “math” aside, if you & you employer are willing to stretch and join a DC plan at this 4&4 level, there’s the satisfaction of being exempted from the ORPP, AND, the account is in your name & under your control at retirement.

    A pleasant secondary effect is the employer’s contribution to an RPP is still one of the very few things an employer can do for you on a “fringe benefit: (i.e. tax free) basis. There’s a two-year phase in for the ORPP, so there’s time to negotiate with your employer, too.

    We’re doing it at my place of work.