2 clubs in top Czech league fined for anti-Islam posters

PRAGUE (AP) — Two clubs in the top Czech division have been fined by the country’s football federation for anti-Islam messages held up by their fans.

The federation’s disciplinary committee said in a statement Thursday it fined champion Viktoria Plzen and Jablonec 100,000 koruna ($4,110) each.

In a match against Bohemians Prague 1905, Jablonec fans unveiled a huge poster with a female figure called “Europe” kicking a pig wearing a turban. Police also have been investigating the case.

The fans said they were inspired by the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, while the club distanced itself from the supporters.

FK Jablonec fan banner Islam2


Here’s the Club supporters explanation – NB Google Translate

“We were very surprised by the media and human hysteria around our cartoons Islamic warrior who is Miss Europe driven back whence he came. Surely you remember the scandal Charlie Hebdo, whose karikaturistický style and exaggeration was our model when expressing an opinion on the Islamic state, its fighters and gender inequality in the Muslim world.

In any case not judge all Muslims in general, and in no way is it – inciting hatred against a group of persons or restriction of their rights and freedoms – if our Police finds this objectionable caricature in this way, we are ready to file criminal charges against anyone who condoned far more offensive cartoons under the motto Je suis Charlie. Further inform the editors of Charlie Hebdo procedure Czech authorities towards independent work cartoons on our territory. And we also want to draw attention to the resolution of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in 1510 from 2006, which says that freedom of speech as protected by Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights should not be further restricted in order to accommodate the increasing sensitivity of certain religious groups ”