Toronto Star’s “Jew-baiting” objection to Harper’s refugee plan is “full of b.s.”

Stephen Harper just announced a plan to accept 10,000 refugees from Syria and Iraq. The PM vows that these will be true victims — Yazidis and Christians like those being raped and murdered by Muslim terrorists. Who could possibly object to that?

  • eMan14

    It will be a great day when the Toronto Star closes up shop.

    • Yes it will.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I wonder what the signs will be when that day approaches.

      • eMan14

        Rats jumping ship I suppose.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Heather Mallick peddling her pussy at the corner of Dundas & Queen.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          That’s funny but isn’t that how she got her current gig?

          • Justin St.Denis

            You are absolutely correct, sir. I stand humbled before you and your incredible insight into the inner workings of the media establishment. 😉

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            Now you’re just taking the piss…

          • Justin St.Denis

            To a tiny degree. But I suspect that there are lots of things Heather would do/has done for dollars that we will never know about. But that just makes Heather like every other whoring alleged journalist in Canada, be they make or female. A whore is a whore is a whore…… One doesn’t have to peddle sex to compromise one’s personal/professional integrity. When one whores out one’s personal or professional integrity, one becomes what one is actually doing – a whore whoring itself out as whores do.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            Cue Billy HW with a Michael Coren joke.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Although I have not read The Toronto Red Star, Crescent & Sickle since 1990, I would throw a party to celebrate its biting the dust.

  • Brett_McS

    The real reason we don’t take any Jews from that region is that they have their own state … in the region. Does that suggest what a real solution might look like?.

  • Gary

    I smell an Election issue for Justin and Wynne to hijack and use the Charter of Rights outside of Canada to protect the jew-hating homophobic misogynistic islamist thugs Right to come to Canada for our Welfare as ” refugees” .

    We got played for suckers in the 1990’s by bogus Somali muslims refugees where many are still in Welfare Alley on Dixon Rd while a few Somali Mosques are pumping out jihadists that have NOTHING to do with islam.
    Lets not get $crewed one more time by Liberals because I still remember Paul Martin defending the Khadr’s coming back to Canada for Welfare and FREE health care .
    The female Khadr’s are on record in a video on PBS where they hope their males in the family die while killing Canadians on our soil, they also curse Canada for our Gay rights because their quran tell them to kill them as a favour to allah.

    Tell me again how much of a Genius P.E.Trudea was with his Charter of Rights that applies to death-cults that want to rip it up and slaughter every gay and jew.
    Now we see Justin in the radical mosques that condone killing gays and flogging women.
    The STAR and CBC support and defend Justin which I assume is from the fear of having their Studio or HQ bombed by those peaceful muslims that get provoked to become jihadists and kill kill kill .

  • Shebel

    I hate the Jews because they are smarter than me , they stick together and support each other ,they work really hard and know how to make lots of money ,their word is their bond , and the most important thing of all is that they KNOW how to control and manipulate seedy Politicians.

    • Justin St.Denis

      I trust that was sarcasm.

  • Ho Hum

    If it is the intention of Harper to bring in only religious minorities than I don’t have a problem with that plan (as long as they are dispersed all across Canada and not just Toronto). Christian Arabs who have settled in Canada tend to be successful business owners or professionals. You don’t find many of them living in public housing. If this is Harper’s intention he shouldn’t just hint at it. He should be loud and clear that he is bringing in ONLY persecuted religious minorities, i.e. Christian’s and Yazidis and no one else! The problem is in years past Harper has brought in 10,000’s of Muslim “refugees” from Afghanistan and Iraq and I suspect most if not all of these were Muslim’s (why the hell did our idiot leaders feel we had an “obligation” to bring Afghans and Iraqis to Canada? Why our they “our responsibility”? )

    • Shebel

      I dunno. Why don’t you ask that same question to all Western Democracies?

      It is almost like –that if you fight to stop people that are invading your Country and want to KILL you and eradicate your Culture and Religion—-then you are not a very NICE Person.


    • Shebel

      That is your problem? Harper allowed a bunch of useless Muslims into Canada.
      I know that Harper is close to being a GOD—but –he really does Not have the ability to Stop the Islamic Invasion .
      The PEOPLE will have to agree and give him a MAJORITY.

      With any luck some devout Muslims will manage to slaughter some little girls and babies before the election.

      • Ho Hum

        He HAS had a MAJORITY and what did he do with it? Harper set new records for the number of immigrants let into Canada – with many coming from Muslim countries.

    • Minicapt

      PIPSC/PSAC; then the Universities.


    • jayme

      There are many coming to Ottawa now at last count there was over 100,000 muslims and that was a couple years back.

  • DMB

    The Toronto Star’s “all star” team from hell.

    • simus1

      I admire MC for his physical courage as shown in the past.
      His mental processes, not so much.

  • simus1

    Perhaps it is time to rebrand:

    Toronto Crescent?
    Toronto Scimitar?
    Toronto Najmah?
    Toronto Tara?
    Toronto Jihad?
    Toronto Crescent Swastika & Red Star

    or just go directly to where it will finally end up :

    Toronto Free Throwaway?