“This Hour’s…” Mark Critch is violating CBC’s code of conduct

I like Mark Critch from This Hour Has 22 Minutes. As government comedians go, he’s pretty funny.

  • Dale

    Perhaps the comments and the actions of Mark Critch illustrates best why the CBC must be immediately cut free from the public purse strings. Obviously Critch has broken the CBC’s (his employer’s) own code of conduct rules and should be taken to task for his transgression (at our expense).

  • Tom Forsythe

    If Critch spends more than $500 on his attack against Calandra, he has to register with Elections Canada as a third party campaigner.

    • G

      So send 501 emails to Calandra just like Critch asked for. CC them to Critch to prove you did it.

      Send an e-mail to Calandra telling him they are coming and to just ignore them and delete them when he gets them.

      E-mail Critch demanding payment because he made a legally biding promise.
      Then report him to elections Canada. Since the promise and actions were made BEFORE he was registered then technically he could be charged.

      He won’t be of course but it could make him squirm.

  • G

    Send an email to Ford Canada complaining.

    Ford is one of the CBC’s largest advertisers (also Imperial Oil). Tell Ford that the next time you buy a new or used certified car it will not be a Ford because they support the CBC.

    If you don’t receive a reply in 3 days send an email to Ford in the U.S. (their parent company) asking why Ford of Canada supports left wing activism.

    • Exile1981

      Because ford usa also supports left wing activism. They are afraid that not supporting it will see them in legal trouble.