The Horrors Obama’s Aimless Foreign Policy Wrought

Perhaps because it has been anticipated for so long, the ghastly revelation that Islamic State militants are now deploying chemical weapons against their Kurdish foes did not shock Western observers. When it was revealed that ISIS had deployed not merely chlorine gas but the disfiguring blister agent mustard gas, it triggered only modest revulsion in the Western press. Our muted reaction is its own tragedy. We are inured to ISIS’s barbarism. We have come to terms with its existence. We no longer flinch when men are drowned or burned alive for the cameras. We see their child executioners as a reflection of our impotence, and we turn away. We have come to accept the use of weapons of mass destruction in civilian quarters and on battlefields as a lamentable new normal in the Middle East. This, perhaps more than any of President Barack Obama’s dreadful foreign policy legacies, is among his worst. We have become habituated to horrible conflict. What’s more, we have fooled ourselves into believing that we are powerless to do anything about it. That is a comforting lie, and it must be dispelled if the geopolitical order for which our grandfathers fought is to be salvaged for our children.

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    …what problem?
    Bammy’s in Maaatha’s Vineyard , a very white place.

    below: a Maaaatha’s Vineyard resident welcomes the vacationing Obamas

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      Obambi’s Canadian bus …


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  • Clinton

    With this administration approaching its final year, now would be the time
    for the press to address the fact that the world is now a much more
    chaotic, dangerous place than it was in ’09, when this presidency began.
    Yet the media, ever eager to avoid anything that would reflect ill on
    Democrats, is relatively quiet about Obama’s foreign policy failures.
    Perhaps that is also because it would reflect badly on Hillary, who as
    she was Secretary of State also bears some of the responsibility for the
    present mess.

    Perhaps the Nobel Prize committee should ask for their Peace Prize back.

    • Yo Mama

      How about in honour of Alfred Nobel, if the committee just dynamites the White House with the Pres in it?

  • Reader
  • dance…dancetotheradio

    From the snippet above I can see that the argument is being framed in the wrong way.
    It doesn’t acknowledge religion as defining the conflict.
    Or explain that Judeo Christian societies are culturally superior.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    His foreign policy will be an issue in next year’s campaign if the Republicans so wish.

    • I have no faith in the republicans, America’s political system is horribly broken.

  • But it wasn’t just Obama who did this. As a society, we failed. If we hadn’t, Obama would be cleaning toilets and a stronger leader would be in charge.

    We would also be disgusted at selling baby parts.

  • If I believed in demons, I would call Obama a demon – the worst demon to surface on earth from the underworld since… maybe even Hitler and Stalin. True, he has not killed as many as these two, but in the seven years since his arrival on the scene he has set in motion forces which will yet maybe destroy the world.

    I can call him demonic, anyhow.