The Biggest Idiots in Politics: The #Blacklivesmatter Protesters

Nobody is working harder to ensure that black Americans die violently than the #Blacklivesmatter protesters.

Not the KKK. Not the Aryan Nation. Not the American Nazi Party.

  • Doo Da Daze
  • ontario john

    If the idiots really cared, they would protest against Planned Parenthood, since its founding was based partly on getting rid of black babies.

    • No one cares when Blacks shoot each other, not even Blacks.

  • Martin B

    Is it wishful thinking to suspect that #blacklivesmatter could be a gift from the gods to the GOP? I’m thinking about the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, where Mayor Daley had to call in the National Guard on thousands of rioting protestors. Americans watched the chaos unfold on their TV screens and responded by handing Nixon the keys to the White House. I hope #blacklivesmatter will be out in force at the 2016 Democrat Convention in Philadelphia.

  • luna
  • jayme

    This is what is so odd they go on about racism yet there worse then the KKK.

  • Interesting, convincing article.

  • andycanuck

    They’re even stupider: at Weasel Zippers there’s a report about how the cops are pulling down big bucks in overtime while on riot duty. Way to go, guys!

  • Seneca III

    All lives matter, or perhaps they don’t – just take your pick as to whether you wish to personally survive or not – aka ‘survival of the fittest 🙂

  • Shebel

    “Black Lives only Matter” when a White cop kills them.

    The rest of the time they kill each other with impunity.

    • Petrilla

      Blind, deaf, stupid and black. Takingtheir orders from Obama. Nothing else matters.